Life Time Experience in Trishuli River

Rafting trips can even be multi-day, and rafters can enjoy beautiful rent camp and river side beach.Trishuli Rafting is
very famous among the youth these days. Few beautiful resorts are located near the Kurintar. Kurintar is in Chitwan District.
It is near the Pirthvi Highway, the opposite of the road is the giant Trishuli River. Though the place is in between the
big hills, the location is pretty cool and relaxing. Its a valley-like area near the bank of Trishuli River.
Mostly popular for rafting and lots of water activities along with the cable car to visit Manakamana Temple.
If you ever visit there, you'll see a lots of things that unfortinuately becomres your first impressions and you'll only
realize after few days/weeks/years, when you memorize the visit. The green looking Trishuli river itself is the most
beautiful attraction, and the bank of the river;loaded with stones of different shapes and the sand, is most popularly
known as the beaches of Nepal. Camps on the beache, boats just touching the river, natural senery and the happy faces
of people enjoying each and every moments  provides you a sense of relaxation even before you start your activities.
If you stop in between the flat-land for a while and started truning your head around, you'll see a lots of things that's
gonna be your very precious memories of the place. You'll see the cable cars ascending and descending in the ropeway,
slopy agricultural landscapes with the seasonal crops, beautifyl weather matching the natural beauty, you'll even see the
old manually operated rope transport hanging around but not actually in use. And much more things that probably you'll
enjoy watching in your own way. If you ever get worry about food and wine that you may think may not match your palate,
don't worry about it. You'll find some of the world class resorts that provides standard food and wine. If you are an
adventure lover, nature lover, and if you are about to get vacation or a time with your friends, and even if you think
you'll miss playing footabll or guitar when you leave home, grab a football, guitar, books and any thing that entertains
you and come to this naturally beautiful place to make each and every moment memorable. Let's raft, Let's swim, Let's
sing, Let's dance, Let's sout and laugh and Let's do every crazy things possible.

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