Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experiences Tour - 13 days

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  • Duration 13 Days
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Starts/Ends Nepal/ Bhutan
  • Group Size 1-10
  • Best Season all


  • Discover the unique cultural, religious, and historical UNESCO World’s Heritage Sites in the hustling and bustling capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.
  • Experience the turquoise beauty of the city of lakes, the tourist hub of Nepal, Pokhara, and its surrounding Himalayas.
  • The natural haven of the country is one of the natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Nepal, the Chitwan National Park.
  • Visit several notable landmarks from Nepal to Bhutan, including Paro, Thimphu, Tiger’s Nest, the charming Taktsang Monastery, and others.
  • Get to enjoy the unique beauty of Nepal and Bhutan on a single trip, etc.

The 13-day Nepal Butan Cultural Heritage and Natural Experiences Tour is a pleasing journey through not only one but two of the enchanting countries of the Himalayas: Nepal and Bhutan. This Himalayan trip takes you through the rich history, natural beauty, cultural heritage, and mystical sites of both countries, from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, to the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu, and more.

The tour takes seven days in Nepal, exploring cities, diverse cultures, landscapes, and traditions through Kathmandu's UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Pashupatinath Temple (the holiest Hindu shrine), Syambhunath, also referred to as the Monkey Temple Budhnath, and the trilogy of ancient Durbar Squares (Basantapur, Patan, and Bhaktapur), Pokhara and its natural formation of caves, lakes, viewpoints, and others, and Chitwan National Park.

Then, the 13-Day Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Natural Experience Trip traverses along the ancient dzongs, monasteries, national libraries, typical medicine institutes, handicraft markets, palaces, and fortresses of Shangri-La Bhutan, divided between Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha, crossing the Dochula Pass that has one of the most stunning panoramas of the Himalayas, winding through Simtokha Dzong, King’s Memorial Chorten, Tiger’s Nest Monastery, and Punakha Dzong.

Therefore, the Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experience Tour is an exceptional, comprehensive, and unforgettable exploration of Nepal and Bhutan, two of South Asia’s most beautiful countries, offering an enriching blend of history, spirituality, adventure, and natural beauty through ancient temples, vibrant cities, serene landscapes, and engaging cultural encounters. It is an ideal choice for trekkers, adventurers, and travelers looking forward to a well-rounded and deeply engrossing experience.

What makes the cultural heritages and natural experience tour to Nepal and Bhutan special?

There are plenty, which makes the cultural heritage and natural experience tour to Nepal and Bhutan special. These two of Asia's most intriguing and mythical Himalayan countries are in close proximity, offering a unique blend of their abundance in cultural heritage, history, stunningly diverse landscapes, a wide array of wildlife, spiritual depth, and ancient local interactions.

Hence, for epic cultural immersion, from the classic sightseeing of several ancient temples, monuments, monasteries, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to trekking in the Himalayas and engaging with the locals of the Himalayas, crafting a memorable and immersive travel adventure mostly amidst the majestic Himalayas and lush valleys, the Nepa Bhutan Tour is a must to explore fascinating destinations to expect:

An astonishing UNESCO World Heritage Sites Sightseeing in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, located in the heart of the country, is the capital city of Nepal and one of the major urban areas. It alone serves as a captivating destination, offering a hypnotic blend of ancient culture, traditions, arts, and modern experience. Often, this city is also referred to as the city of temples, with its vividly larger numbers of temples than the houses stretching 665 square kilometers that you will be visiting on the initial day of this combined tour to Nepal and Bhutan.

In addition, the Kathmandu Valley is home to at least seven cultural, historical, and religious landmarks with international values registered as UNESCO World’s Heritage, such as the Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan Durbar Squares, along with the Changu Narayan temple, believed to be the oldest temple of Lord Vishnu in the town.

Pashupatinath temple is a sacred Hindu complex on the banks of the Bagmati River and is considered the holiest noted for its detailed architecture and religious significance, while Boudhanath is one of the largest stupas in Nepal, a center point for Buddhists keeping a close tie to Tibetan Buddhism, consisting of a serene atmosphere along with the bustling surrounding markets in harmony. Swayambhunath is an ancient stupa revered by both Hindus and Buddhists alike, with a 360-degree sight of the valley adorned with vibrant flags and fur babies, called monkeys.

The ancient combination of three cities, Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur Durbar Squares, are historical plazas featuring the old royal palace, well-preserved medieval city squares, exquisite intricately carved wooden temples, the royal palace, and statues showcasing the artistic heritage of the Kathmandu Valley, reflecting traditional Newari architecture and a glimpse into Nepal’s past, it is a perfect place to unwind yourself during the Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experiences Tour.

The mystical land of lakes in the center of the Himalayas, Pokhara

Situated at an altitude of 822 m in central Nepal, Pokhara is the nation’s second-largest city after Kathmandu, renowned for its spectacular natural beauty, tranquil lakes, and proximity to the Annapurna mountain range, which serves as a gateway or starting point for trekkers, travelers, and climbers, traversing various routes to explore the Annapurna Trekking region, such as the Annapurna Circuit Trekking, the Annapurna Base Camp Expedition, a short hike to the Ghorepani Poon Hill, and others.

Here, adventurers can enjoy various sorts of adrenaline-rushing activities such as zip lining, paragliding, boating, fishing, or simply strolling around the serene ambiance of Phewa Lake, Begans Lake, and Rupa Lakes at a careful watch of Annapurna mountain ranges, including that of iconic Machhapuchre (Fishtail) peak, where the World Peace Pagoda, Bindhyabasini Temple, and Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave add much to the spiritual dynamic during the tour to Nepal and Bhutan.

One of the wildlife paradises of the nation, the Chitwan National Park

In the lowland of Terai to the south-central of the country is the first-ever national park of Nepal, established in 1973 and covering 932 square kilometers, the Chitwan National Park. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 for its outstanding natural beauty and rich biodiversity. It is even inhabited by some of the most elusive wildlife worldwide, such as one-horned rhinos, Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, and other animals including leopards, sloth bears, gaur (Indian bison), wild boars, sambar deer, and rhesus monkeys.

In addition to these mammals, Chitwan National Park boasts more than 500 species of birds, endangered gharial crocodiles, mugger crocodiles, and several varieties of snakes, frogs, and lizards, making it a must-visit destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike to experience, capture photographs of, and appreciate the raw wilderness of Nepal on the combined tour to Nepal and Bhutan.

It will be extremely pleasing and adventurous at the same time to engage yourself in activities such as jungle safaris, elephant safaris, canoe rides to the Rapti and Narayani Rivers, bird watching, nature walks, a visit to the elephant breeding center, and enjoying the traditional Tharu dance, culture, customs, and hospitality at the end of the day, offering a mesmerizing insight into the lives of one of the indigenous communities of Nepal, the Tharu people.

Bhutan and its enriching natural and cultural beauty

Bhutan, officially known as the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a small landlocked country nestled in the eastern Himalayas between north China and south India, covering an area of 38,394 square kilometers. It is also called “Land of the Thunder Dragon" and is marked for its enthralling landscapes and rich cultural heritage, such as Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest Monastery), Punakha Dzong, and Tashicho Dzong, which are also integral parts of the Nepal-Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experiences Tour.

Perched on a cliffside, Paro is a primary tourist destination in Bhutan, featuring an international airport, thirteen traditional arts and crafts alongside sculpture, weaving, including handicrafts like intricate textiles, handwoven fabrics, and wooden crafts, and numerous monasteries, including Parko Taktsang, also called Tiger’s Nest, with the legend of the meditating spot of Buddhist leader Guru Rinpoche. This iconic monastery is a symbol of Bhutan’s spiritual heritage.

Similarly, Punakha Dzong has the palace of great happiness, built-in 1637 by Sagdrung at the confluence point of two of the turquoise water bodies, Mo Chu and Pho Chu (Mother and Father rivers). The Dzong, which once served as the capital city of ancient Bhutan, is taken into consideration for its marvelous architecture and historical significance; hence, arrival here during the combined Nepal-Bhutan tour is bound to be enriching.

The unique capital city of Bhutan itself, Thimphu

In the western central part of Bhutan lies the country’s largest city, serving as the major political, economic, and cultural center. Thimphu is surrounded by one of its Dzongkhags, including Tashiccho Dzong, where mask dances are performed on a yearly basis, locally known as Cahm dance or Tshechu, offering an extraordinary fusion of typical Bhutanese culture and modern influences, all while maintaining a commitment to conserve its heritage.

The streets of Thimphu are usually without any traffic lights and horns, showcasing the peaceful ethos of Bhutanese culture while natives are suited in their traditional attire, appealing to trekkers and visitors to take pictures to enjoy the 13-day Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experience Tour.

Why is the 13-day itinerary the best route for the Nepal Bhutan Tour?

The 13-day itinerary for the Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experience Tour begins upon your arrival at the terminal gate of the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) and a visit to the UNESCO World’s Heritage Sites, including Pashupatinath, Boudhnath, Swambhunath, and others, simultaneously heading to Chitwan, Pokhara, again back to Kathmandu, and finally to Bhutan.

This 13-day itinerary allows you an immersive, balanced, and comprehensive experience of both Himalayan landlocked countries, providing you with sufficient time to appreciate the major charms, acclimate to varying altitudes, and explore the cultural and natural highlights without rushing the schedule, so you get to fully delve into Nepal’s and Bhutan’s vibrant cities and tranquil landscapes, epic monuments, and serene ambiance.

Hence, the 13-day itinerary is considered the best route to go for a combined tour to Nepal and Bhutan, even for the years 2023 and 2024.

The 13-day Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experience Tour Group Cost

Though the 13-day Nepal Bhutan Tour can experience variation in cost based on several factors, such as the level of service on accommodation, meals, and others, at Adventure Himalayan Travels and Treks, you can get special group discounts as presented below:

  • USD 3,075 for 1 pax
  • USD 2,875 for 2-3 pax
  • USD 2,775 for 4-6 pax
  • USD 2,675 for 6-10 pax

Contact us for up to a 10% discount on buying our 13-day Nepal-Bhutan tour package, which consists of more than 10 passengers and usually covers accommodation, guided tours, entry fees to major sites, and internal flights. Know more about in package cost details of the Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experience Tour.

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Welcome to the country of hills and mountains! At the terminal gate of Tribhuvan International Airport, you will be greeted by our airport representative, who will also transfer you to your designated hotel.

In the evening, you will be briefed about your upcoming trip, itinerary, packing, and all over the dinner hosted by Adventure Himalayan Travels and Treks. It is also the time to get all your queries answered, so make sure you are well-informed about the trip.

  • AccommodationThree-Star-Hotel
  • MealsComplimentary-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude1,400m

The interesting sightseeing of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu begins this day with a hearty breakfast. You will explore the ancient palaces, courtyards, and temples of Kathmandu Durbar Square, the holy sanctum of Swayambhunath (Monkey) temple, Boudhnath, and the Pashupatinath temple, believed to be one of the holiest Hindu shrines in the world.

On circumnavigating these culturally, historically, and religiously profound landmarks, you will return to your hotel for the night and begin preparing for the next day's journey.

  • AccommodationThree-Star-Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast
  • Max. Altitude1,400m

Today, you will drive along the Prithvi Highway right after breakfast, following the Trishuli River at first and then the Marsyangdi River at the bottom of the lush hills, passing through several typical Nepalese settlements.

In between, you will visit one of the sacred temples of the deity Bhagawati called Manakamana Temple at an altitude of 1,302 m above sea level, and lastly, you will reach Chitwan, where you can explore Sauraha and Tharu villages and enjoy their traditional dance and culture.

  • AccommodationComfortable-Lodge
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-dinner
  • Max. Altitude1,400m

This day is fully allocated for a pleasing exploration of the natural diversity of Chitwan National Park, whether you prefer elephant-back safaris and watching elusive one-horned rhinoceros, deer, monkeys, wild boar, sloth bear, bison, leopard, royal Bengal tiger, and a wide species of avians or go canoeing early in the morning.

  • AccommodationComfortable-Lodge
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-dinner
  • Max. Altitude415m

As usual, the day begins early in the morning as you board a local bus, jeep, or tourist bus to Pokhara from Chitwan. The city of lakes, a tourist paradise in Nepal, is rich in natural beauty and formations such as lakes, caves, temples, and stupas amidst the stunning backdrop of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and other ranges.

In the evening, you will get to take blessings at Taal Barahi Temple, stroll around the lakeside, which is going to be a sublime feat for sure, and rest for the night in Pokhara.

  • AccommodationThree-Star-Hotel
  • MealsAll-Three-Meals
  • Max. Altitude800m

The city of Pokhara has a lot to offer, from golden hues over the snow-capped peaks from Sarangkot to the Davi’s fall, Gupteswar Cave, Seti Gorge, the International Mountain Museum, and others.

Therefore, you will utilize this day to marvel at these epitomes of cultural, natural, and religious wonders and stay overnight at a hotel.

  • AccommodationThree-Star-Hotel
  • MealsAll-Three-Meals
  • Max. Altitude800m

You will depart early for the drive to Kathmandu from Pokhara, which typically takes around 6-7 hours, enjoying the countryside beauty along the way, passing by scenic terraced fields and traditional villages with sweeping views of the sky and soaring Himalayas.

Upon arrival at Kathmandu, in your spare time, you are free to relax, explore the Kathmandu Valley, or indulge in specific activities.

  • AccommodationThree-Star-Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast
  • Max. Altitude1,400m

This is the day when you will finally head to Bhutan. Take an early morning short flight usually operated by Druk Air or Bhutan Airlines to explore the area, especially the iconic Paro Taktsang monastery, a major highlight of Bhutanese culture and spirituality, alongside Tiger’s Nest, which offers an amazing look out at the village of Paro.

From there, you will take a drive to Bhutan’s capital city, Thimphu, to spend the night. Depending upon your arrival time there, you may visit Tashichho Dzong, stroll around the locals, and even enjoy the Bhutanese cuisine for dinner.

  • AccommodationComfortable-Lodge
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude2,334m

The much-awaited exploration day is here when you will spend the whole day discovering the cultural, natural, and religious landmarks of Bhutan, such as the National Memorial Chorten, Changangkha Temple, Buddha Dordenma, and others.

Further, you can also unwind in the School for Arts and Crafts, traditional paper factory, Folk Heritage Museum, and nursing pen for Takin to spend one more night at Thimphu.

  • AccommodationComfortable-Lodge
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude2,334m

The day begins early as usual over Dochula Pass, providing one of the most magnificent views of the sky, towering Himalayan giants reaching Punakha approximately in 2.5 to 3 hours.

Upon your arrival, you will not miss out on visiting Punakha. Dzong also referred to as the palace of great happiness, Chimi Lhakhag, is dedicated to Drukpa Kunely, the “Divine Madman," and others to lastly call it a day at nearby lodges.

  • AccommodationComfortable-Lodge
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude2,334m

The journey of the day combines travel with opportunities to deepen your experience of Butan’s culture and landscapes as you drive through Yebesa village, hike to Khamsum Yueley Namgyal Chorten, built by Queen Ashi Tshering Yangdon Wangchuk, and visit Thimphu’s handicraft and souvenir stores.

If time allows, you can stroll around Semtokha Dzong, the oldest Bhutanese Dzong, and check into a hotel in Paro for the night.

  • AccommodationComfortable-Lodge
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude2,334m

It is one of the major highlighted tour days when you will finally get to take a blessing at Taktshang Gomba, Bhutan's most revered “Tiger’s Nest,” with an amazing Himalayan view as a backdrop while hiking for around 3 to 4 hours, offering you a rewarding combination of physical challenge with spiritual insight.

Later, you can unwind yourself in nearby ruins, sacred sites, or Paro’s main street before you check into your hotel in Paro.

  • AccommodationComfortable-Lodge
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude3,120m

Your Nepal-Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experience Tour comes to a conclusion today as you fly back to Kathmandu. We will drive you off to your airport, and if the flight boards in the morning, you will have enough time to explore Kathmandu one more time.

  • Accommodation1,400m
  • MealsBreakfast

This itinerary is not suited for you? Plan your own trip.

What's Included
  • Nepal
  • Airport Pick up & Drop Transportation by private vehicle. 
  • Three nights accommodation in Kathmandu 
  • Two nights accommodation in Pokhara 
  • Two nights accommodation in Chitwan 
  • Everyday breakfast in Kathmandu and Pokhara. 
  • All meals in Chitwan (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and National Park activities 
  • Experienced and helpful tour guide (trained by Ministry of tourism)
  • Kathmandu – Chitwan - Pokhara - Kathmandu by private vehicle. 
  • Farewell dinner in Kathmandu
  • Bhutan
  • 5 Nights at 3* hotel accommodation with WiFi (Luxury  hotels will be charged separately)
  • Personal specialized English speaking guide & driver with SUV
  • Visa Fee
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (excluding alcoholic drinks)
  • Tea and Snacks
  • All entrance fees & sightseeing including Monasteries & Dzongs etc
  • All the transportation by private vehicle
  • 100$ Bhutan Government daily royalties which goes for free education and free health services for the Bhutanese people, and other taxes
  • Mineral water all time during the tour


  • Entrance fees during sightseeing.
  • Lunch/Dinner in Kathmandu & Pokhara 
  • Tips for guide and driver
  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned on Our cost include section
  • Bhutan
  • Airline Tickets kathmandu to paro and paro to kathmandu
  • Travel Insurance
  • Various expenses such as room service, beverages, personal calls, souvenirs, etc.
  • Tips for Guide and Driver 
Dates and Prices
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Start DateStarts: MondayJul 22, 2024End DateEnds: SaturdayAug 03, 2024PricePriceUS$2875StatusStatusAvailable
Start DateStarts: MondayJul 29, 2024End DateEnds: SaturdayAug 10, 2024PricePriceUS$2875StatusStatusAvailable
Useful Info

Which is the best season for the Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experience Tour?

Hurray! Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experience Tour is an ideal tour destination throughout the year, regardless of the seasons and time of the year you have decided to go for. At the same time, the best season for you differs from what you seek in the Himalayas of Nepal and Bhutan.

It is worth considering that the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) provide mild weather, pleasurable trail, and route conditions, unobstructed views of the surrounding snow-capped peaks, vibrant landscapes, and convenience for seamless sightseeing. The monsoon, summer, and winter present relatively more budget-friendly and less crowded options, even for classic Himalayan expeditions such as Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar Trek, or off the beaten path like the Langtang Valley, or traverse to the restricted area of Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit.

What are the permits for the Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experience Trip?

Yes, as the Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experiences Tour includes a guided jungle safari to the Chitwan National Park as well, you will have to pay a certain amount as an entrance fee, which is usually USD 20 (NPR 2000) per person besides the Bhutanese Visa.

Obtaining these permits as per your time constraints can be a hectic experience. When you purchase a standard package from reputable leading travel, tour, and trek organizers such as Adventure Himalayan Travels and Treks, you will get your necessary permits and cards prearranged, ensuring a smooth and legal travel experience in both countries.

Is the Cultural Heritage and Nature Experience Tour to Nepal Bhutan difficult to tackle?

No, in fact, the Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Excursion Tour is one of the easiest combined trips to two of the scenic countries of the Himalayas, with towering snow-capped peaks and lush hills achievable by adventurers with a basic level of fitness and some preparations.

Further, it is one of the best family-friendly, affordable Himalayan tour options to take your kids, parents, or older members of the family on an enchanting, memorable journey to cherish together as you venture deep into two of the not only naturally occurring but also culturally significant countries of Asia.

What are foods and accommodations like during the Nepal Bhutan Tour?

On the way to tour Nepal and Bhutan, you will get to enjoy a wide range of meal and accommodation options as the journey is mostly through well-developed and urban city areas of both countries, such as Kathamandu, Pokhara, Chitwan in Nepal, and Thimphu in Bhutan. From typical Nepali cuisines, often consisting of rice, lentils, vegetables, and meat, to the momo, various curries, and international menus, you can choose anything you like.

The same goes for accommodation options; you can find everything from a basic furnished room with a twin bed to high-quality, luxurious choices where the chances of getting complimentary wifi, charging devices, and drinking water are quite high or sometimes at some additional cost, which overall is designated to be comfortable, filling, and nutritious.

Can you go on a solo tour of the Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experiences Tour?

Yes, you can actually undertake a solo tour to the Nepal Bhutan Cultural Heritage and Nature Experience; however, for a more structured tour, arrangements for visas and permits, safety and logistic management, and respect for local regulations, it is recommended to hire local guides or take service from agencies that provide packages.

Further, solo travel is usually restricted in Bhutan and protected areas of Nepal like the Chitwan National Park; hence, to meet the legal requirements as well, it is essential to at least hire guides who are well-experienced, informed, and up-to-date from Nepal to Bhutan.

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