Peak Climbing

'Respect the mountains’ is be the catch-phrase of trekkers as well as full-fledged mountaineers, and this is particularly true of our trekking peaks - those mountains that are negotiable only by properly experienced hikers but without much technical difficulty. While some of the so-called trekking peaks are easier to attempt than the expedition peaks, others are technically very demanding and require considerable climbing expertise. We recommend that you have at least some experience with crampons and snow bars before tackling a trekking peak. However, we do spend some time in Kathmandu before setting out for peak trekking to become fully acquainted with the itinerary and with any special techniques required.

The regulations governing trekking peaks are far less complex than those for Expedition peaks. However, a permit is needed. Permits are issued by the Nepal Mountaineering Association on payment of a royalty fee. The itineraries on our menu are examples of trekking peaks achievable with a reasonable degree of climbing expertise. Mera Peak, though the highest on the list, is also the easiest, requiring little more than determination.It should be remembered that any peak, regardless of difficulty, can become dangerous in poor weather. We have also listed below sample itineraries of other peaks where we can organise trekking.  All of our peak climbing packages will give you a truly incredible experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.  Ask us about the right climb for you!