Tea House Trekking

This is the preferred method of trekking for most visitors.  The popular trekking routes have well facilitated tea houses or lodges. It is fun doing the camping treks, but most people do not have interest in roughing it and sleeping outside.  It is also nice to be able to see other people along the way, pass through villages, and have a cozy bed to sleep in.  Additionally, you will not need to cook your meals outside.  Instead, there will be cooks in the various teahouses who have been doing this for years and will be able to prepare for you a hot, delicious meal.   In Tea House Treks, we provide accommodation in the tea houses and also the meals that you eat will be prepared by the people from tea house.  Our guide will assist you regarding what to eat, where, and which tea houses are the best.  In most tea houses they have warming system in dining and some also provide hot shower.  With a tea house trek, you can reach high into the Himalayas, while still remaining comfortable and safe with a roof above your head.