Easy and Short Treks

Adventure Himalayan Travels & Treks welcomes you all to the different kinds of the Easy & Short Treks in Nepal.  These packages are perfect for all trekkers.  Whatever your experience level, age, or capability, we are sure to find a suitable trek for you.  These treks are particularly perfect for visitors who have an extra couple days in Nepal and would like to see more of the country, but don't have time for a more challenging, high-altitude adventure.  Our Easy & Short Treks have destinations all over the country, and just because they are easy and short does not mean that you won't witness splendid mountain views.  Characterized by topographical diversity, Nepal presents trekkers with an immense scope for trekking to all regions. The contrast in the altitude and climate of the regions in Nepal support a striking mix of diverse cultures, flora and fauna, and landscapes.  It is our priority to provide the highest quality treks, with the most incredible scenery, all while keeping you safe throughout your journey.  Again, whether you are looking for quick escape for some fresh air, mountain scenery, and/or a new cultural experience, take an Easy & Short Trek with us and you won't regret it!