Responsible Tourism

Let’s be responsible tourists and 'leave only footprints and take only photographs'. To ensure fulfillment of your duty, you are capable of:

  • Using designated routes, campsites, and resting places to reduce trampling and other negative environmental impacts.
  • Respecting local culture and traditions, use homestays, locally owned hotels, lodges, or campsites as much as possible to support the local livelihood.
  • Avoiding or minimizing the use of firewood by using common space for heating Opt for alternatives to minimize deforestation.
  • Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Use the litter box locally available. Carry back your own garbage while traveling through ecologically sensitive areas.
  • Encourage people to place mobile toilets at a considerable distance from sources of water, river banks, and springs while camping along the river sides.
  • Using the services of local guides and porters as much as possible to explore more about the local environment and culture.
  • Valued money spending that contributes directly to the local livelihood, women’s empowerment, and environmental conservation.

    Before you begin your journey, we request that you abide by the above guidelines in order to safeguard the nature and culture of the area and be a responsible tourist.