Upper Mustang Mountain Biking Tour- 16 days

Good to Know
  • Duration 16 Days
  • Trip Grade Moderate to Strenuous
  • Starts/Ends Kathmandu/Kathmandu
  • Group Size 2-10
  • Max. Altitude 3,840 m at Lo Manthang
  • Best Season Autumn & Spring


  • Visit Kathmandu’s iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Adventurous Cycling Tour to the Trans Himalaya Region, Upper Mustang
  • Explore Muktinath, a holy sanctum for Hindus and Buddhists.
  • Venture into the forbidden kingdom of Mustang.
  • Cycling with a professional biking guide with backup transportation.

Upper Mustang is a dreamland for every mountain biker seeking the ultimate adventure in the pristine Himalayan nature of Nepal. Also referred to as the Forbidden Kingdom of Lo in Nepal, where the king still governs the land, the adventurous expedition to this hidden realm is going to be an extraordinary, out-of-the-world experience.

As a highly restricted area due to its proximity to the Tibet border, the mountain bike ride to the Upper Mustang offers you a once-in-a-lifetime cultural odyssey, riding through several remote valleys in a tranquil setting and viewing the enriching lifestyle of the Himalayan locals, dominated by the people of Thakali and in some parts by the ethnic communities of Gurung.

The majority of the locals are practitioners of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, which is rooted in nature and worships the mountains such as Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Nilgiri as the gods watching over them, creating majestic landscapes, mountainous terrains, and several glacial river valleys. The experience of witnessing these glorifying sights during the mountain biking tour to the Upper Mustang cannot be explained in words.

Throughout the biking trail, you will be able to feel the raw Himalayan breeze in your cheeks as you ride your mountain bike through the verdant lowlands to the artistic climate of the high alpine zone with similar kinds of vegetation, fostering unique cultural attractions along with true Himalayan spirits as you make your way through an awesome geographic diversity.

Therefore, the mountain biking tour to the Upper Mustang is the perfect mountain expedition, exposing bikers to the most spine-tingling intimacy with the trans-Himalayan region of Nepal that follows the classic Annapurna Circuit Trek route for a few days and later on gives you access to the hidden gem of the Nepalese Himalayas with an insider insight into the region’s historical, cultural, and religious significance.

Unfold the mystery of one of the hidden Himalayan realms of the Nepalese Himalayas, Upper Mustang, in our 16-day mountain biking tour happening right now at Adventure Himalayan Travels and Treks. Contact us now to book this surreal adventure!

What to expect at the Upper Mustang Moutain Biking Tour?

Mountain biking to the Upper Mustang of Nepal, otherwise called the Himal Pari ko Gaon in Nepalese, which translates to the village beyond mountains, and for the reason that it falls in the Trans Himalayan region, serving as a nation within the secular federal country of Nepal that still practices the monarchial system within its area, is an unforgettable adventure where you can expect the most fulfilling journey of your lifetime with:

The most satisfying off-the-beaten trail to the Upper Mustang

Unlike some of the more popular trekking routes in Nepal, such as the Annapurna Circuit hiking routes, the Everest Base Camp expedition, and others, which also see a significant number of mountain bikers each year, the mountain biking route to the Upper Mustang sees fewer tourists due to its discovery and opening to visitors only in 1992.

Furthermore, as the whole realm of Upper Mustang is hidden behind the gigantic Himalayan ranges Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Nilgiri, along with its designation as a restricted area of Nepal, it allows only a countable number of foreigners to preserve the true essences of the region along with its distinctive culture and natural beauty, assuring you a more intimate and off-the-beaten-remote experience while you immerse yourself in the serenity of the authentic wilderness and establish a genuine mutuality with nature and its people.

Dramatic Himalayan Landscapes

The trail to the Upper Mustang is famous among mountain bikers for its never-ending picturesque landscapes from the starting to the ending point of the entire journey, characterized by stunning views of the rugged mountains, such as the world’s eighth and tenth highest peaks, Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167m) and Mt. Annapurna (8,091 m), which are usually covered in snow, deep valleys, and contrasting barren lands against the lush subtropical hills below.

As you bike through the region, you will be rewarded with the expansive panoramic views of several Himalayan giants such as Nilgiri, Tilicho Peak, and Thorong Peak beside the two of the eight-thousanders, scenic and adventurous cliffs, and arid desert-like terrain on reaching the higher altitude, which hence provides you with ample opportunities to click some in your lens and is also called the photographers haven as well as the trekkers and bikers paradise.

Bike along the deepest gorge in the planet, Kali Gandaki

Situated at an altitude of 6,268 m/20,564 ft, the Kali Gandki River or gorge is the largest gorge in the world on the way to the Upper Mustang biking tour that provides you with the awe-inspiring sight of a mountain cutting through the heart of the Himalayas. Being the only place where one can find the highly revered Saligram worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists as the incarnation of the Hindu deity Lord Vishnu, the sense of adventure and exhilaration, along with the spiritual energy, will keep you inspiring as you ascend and descend into and through the gorge.

You will feel blessed to have come across such a glorious sight as you look at the valley below, which is as scenic as it can be, while the mountains atop the sky never leave your eyes, and the ambiance around the Kali Gandaki gorge is a fantastic spot for meditation that can lead to one's spiritual awakening during the 16-day mountain biking journey to the Upper Mustang.

Ancient villages, caves, and beautiful apple orchids of Jomsom and Kagbeni

Jomsom, an administrative center, is surrounded by several traditional villages made up of mud and bricks, consisting of narrow alleyways, and traditional architecture reflecting centuries of historical and cultural heritage, among which Kagbeni is the oldest and most beloved village in the Mustang region, offering a glimpse into the Mustangi way of life.

Further, Kagbeni specifically is amidst the rock formations peppered with caves once used by the people during war and famine to take shelter and some significant religious leaders such as Guru Rinpoche to medicate, who is believed to have acquired enlightenment in these sky caves adorned with colorful prayer flags and Mani walls followed by prayer wheels.

While both Jomsom and Kagebeni are noted for their beautiful apple orchids and local specialty apple brandy, you can conclude that the mountain biking through here to meet and finally explore the Lo Manthang of the Upper Mustang is a natural and cultural odyssey that exposes you to some of the most incredible secret gems of the Mustang and Annapurna regions.

Uncover the mystery of the Kingdom of Himalayas (Lo Manthang)

Once the capital city of the Kingdom of Lo, Lo Manthang is a semi-independent, mysterious kingdom featuring distinctive walls within the borders of modern Nepal, whose prosperity hails to this day while its origin takes you to Tibetan Buddhism.

Along with being the ancient trade route, it is also one of the major highlights of the Upper Mustang biking tour and treks, located in a rural and isolated part of the Himalayas characterized by the presence of centuries-old monasteries, temples, and palaces intricately carved with woodcarving.

Despite the rapid urbanization, Lo Manthang still has an unspoiled authentic mountain way of life and cultural identity, adding much to the enriching first-hand cultural experience for everyone who traverses this area, leaving no one behind, including bikers.

Festival of Tiji in the Upper Mustang

One of the largest and most significant festivals that is celebrated precisely in the Upper Mustang annually is Tiji, which generally falls in April or May, commemorating the triumph of good over bad that you can be part of during the mountain biking at this time.

Moreover, if you are hopeful of observing this festival only, you can take an optional short Mustang Trek featuring the unique traditional dances, rites, rituals, and various ceremonies performed by monks and locals dressed in cultural attire, offering and praying in the aromatic and vibrant ambiance.

Riding through acute mountain sickness-prone areas

The biking expedition to the Upper Mustang presents you with its own set of challenges that include several rugged sections, steep ascents, and technical descents, which can be physically demanding at the higher altitude, posing a high risk of acute mountain sickness (AMS) due to the unpredictable weather conditions that can experience fluctuation at any time.

However, on making it through it, the scenes will be equally rewarding, followed by the most gratifying sense of achievement that makes the mountain biking expedition to the Upper Mustang worth each effort; hence, it is crucial to keep yourself well-prepared mentally and physically and gain some mountain biking experience before beginning to embark on the Upper Mustang on a mountain bike.

The Spirtual biking to the Muktinath and Tatopani

Although lying at a different altitude profile level, the Muktinath temple and Tatopani both hold religious importance in the hearts and souls of every Hindu and Buddhist devotee, as taking baths in both of these natural and cultural landmarks’ premises is believed to possess the power of salvation.

Undoubtedly, Muktinath is considered the holiest and is an astounding monument as well, consisting of 108 water sprouts originating from the melting of glaciers, an eternal flame nearby, and a huge idol of one of the supreme Hindu lords among the three, Vishnu, while the Tatopani is a natural spring rich in minerals that can reduce fatigue and provide relief to tired muscles, besides the religious belief.

Both of these are located amidst the glorifying peaks of the Annapurna Himalayas and are a treat to the eyes, mind, and soul. They are the perfect place to find inner peace, renew yourself, and build a deeper connection to the world around you, appreciating life as an element in making the Mustang Biking the spiritual journey of self-transformation.

Why 16-day itinerary to go for the Upper Mustang Moutain Biking Tour?

The 16-day mountain biking excursion to the Upper Mustang begins with a test drive around the Kathmandu Valley, which on the very next day catches a local bus, private jeep, or tourist vehicle to one of the most famous cities in Nepal, famous for its shimmering water lakes, Pokhara.

From Pokhara, the 16-day itinerary includes a stunning flight to the hilltown of Jomsom, still facilitating the lookout at the most amazing ancient Thakali cultures and traditions along with its customary life to officially begin the mountain bike ride to the Upper Mustang that first stops by Kagbeni.

On making it to Kabeni, you will move your mountain bike forth and take blessing at one of the holy shrines of the Hindu Lord, Muktinath, treasured by both Hindus and Buddhists all over the globe in the serene natural amphitheater, giving initiation to a spiritual touch in the overall journey to the Upper Mustang.

Muktinath onward begins a descending mountain biking trail to Samar that goes by the five major villages interlinked by similar ethnic ties known as Chele, Gyakar, Chiksang, Tamgbe, and Tetang, observing several ascents and descents, most of which involve downhill biking, and later on finally calling it a day at the typical mountain lodge at Samar.

Throughout this section of the mountain biking expedition from Jomsom, you will be at a dynasty gaze of towering mountains such as Tilicho Peak and Thorong Peak, along with the magnificent ranges of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, and numerous unnamed summits that still tail you in this entire Upper Mustang mountain biking trip.

From Samar, the biking route experiences a slight increment in altitude to Ghami that exposes riders to the strenuous yet beautiful five mountain passes named Bhena La, Yamdo La, Syanboch La, Nya La, and Ghami La, all above 3,800 m, and spends the night at the nearby tea house to continue the ascending biking until you arrive at Manthang.

Biking from Manthang takes you to Kimlang, Choser Loop, Lo Manthang, and retraces the route back to Kathmandu via Pokhara, before which you will spend nights at several popular stopovers in the Mustang region, some of which you had made your way through earlier, such as Ghami and others including Chele, Marpha, Tatopani, and Beni.

This 16-day itinerary for the Upper Mustang Moutain Biking Tour incorporates several days of exploration without having to rush the biker pace, mitigating the potential occurrence of acute mountain sickness or altitude sickness, which is common in higher Himalayan expeditions such as the Upper Mustang.

Further, this 16-day route also allows ample time for rest and recovery, and at Adventure Himalayan Travels and Treks, we excel at customizing itineraries according to your specific needs and personal preferences, so we believe it is one of the best itineraries to go on the Upper Mustang mountain biking tour in 2024 and 2025.

Group cost for 16 Days Upper Mustang Moutain Biking

At Adventure Himalayan Travels and Treks, we are offering a group discount on the 16-day package cost to go mountain biking in the Upper Mustang, covering expenses of all necessary mountain biking logistics, gear, and equipment, including all the essential permits such as restricted areas, meals, accommodation, mandatory guides, and porters.

The distribution is as presented below and is reasonably priced, which could vary and might have charged you in an increased manner for camping, if not tea house:

  • USD 2,375 for 2-3 pax
  • USD 2,375 for 4-6 pax
  • USD 2,275 for 7-10 pax

If you are a group of mountain bikers made up of more than 10 members, you are feasible for your special discounted price, assuring you the best cultural and natural exploration in our guided tour to the Upper Mustang.

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Upon your arrival in Kathmandu, you will see our airport representative waiting outside the airport terminal a few meters from the exit door with a placard of your name.

He will take you to your hotel in Kathmandu by our private vehicle, which is around 20 20-minute drive from the airport.

  • AccommodationStandard Hotel
  • Max. Altitude1,400m

This day is to check the condition of your bikes and gear. For that, you’ll do a warm-up ride around some of the remote parts of the valley on a single track.

The trails here are best to test the quality of your equipment for the upcoming journey with the never-ending accompanying temples.

After the test drive, you will return to your hotel and start packing for the trip with essential materials.

  • AccommodationStandard Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast
  • Max. Altitude1,400m

The journey from Kathmandu to the calm city of Pokhara, surrounded by the Annapurna Himalayan Mountains with breathtaking sights of verdant hills and a turquoise lake, takes seven hours, while the flight time is only thirty-five minutes.

Pokhara has a wide range of activities to offer, such as canoeing, sunset viewing, rafting, paragliding, and kayaking. Later on, take a rest at modest motels or world-class resorts.

  • AccommodationComfortable Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast
  • Max. Altitude1,400m

The day begins with a 25-minute domestic flight from Pokhara to Jomsom, where the crew builds bikes, heads towards the Kali Gandaki glacial river, and heads forward to visit Kagabeni, known for its Yak Donalds, to enjoy yak burgers and organic apple cider.

The journey is going to be thrilling and rewarding.

  • AccommodationLocal Lodge
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude2,804 m

The journey from Kagbeni to Muktinath, one of the Char Dhams in Nepal revered by both Hindus and Buddhists, involves an uphill jeep track, stopping at Jharkot for lunch. Visits include artistic and religious monasteries and local settlements.

After a few hours, arrive at Muktinath, check in at a guest house, and embark on a pilgrimage.

  • AccommodationLocal Teahouse
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude3,710 m

There are five main villages in the Manag Valley: Chele, Gyakar, Chuksang, Tangbe, and Tetang, bound by ethnic links and living in a tough area with only a few arable land where commerce is the only source of income, among which you will pause by Chele for lunch, flanked by willow and barley fields.

On simultaneously ascending through here, you will pass by Gyakar village, which has gorgeous coats of Himalayan peaks, while the route comes to a junction at Samar to camp for the day near groves and irrigation channels.

  • AccommodationCamp Tent
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude3,490m

Five passes above 3,800m: Bhena La, Yamdo La, Syanboch La, Nya La, and Ghami La are part of the riding circuit, requiring an early morning breakfast to ride through the trail, which is slightly tougher with easier climbs and fast downhill sections.

Once you get to Ghiling, you will take a lunch break and walk for two hours to Ghami at a distance of 5 kilometers, followed by a lengthy descent before reaching the destination of the day.

  • AccommodationLocal Lodge
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude3,560 m

The schedule for this day involves passing via two passes, one with a 4.5-kilometer ascent without taxing, offering a pleasant route at higher altitudes that goes by Charang village for lunch while observing its beauty.

Following Charang, you will go through Chortens and amazing caverns before arriving at a 3,850-meter ridge with views of Mansail covered in snow along with Mustang Khola and Lo Manthang, from where you will descend to a stream and briefly climb a little distance to reach the northern corner of the legendary walled city of Manthang.

  • AccommodationLocal-Tea-House
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude3,760 m

Today, you will ride around the city of Lhasa, which has four major monasteries and 150 homes dating back to the fifteenth century and is known for its religious artwork of Buddha and Tibetan Mastiff dogs guarding the city.

It was once a salt trading hub that has now declined due to Tibet’s incursion, which is mostly dominated by the King’s palace and the royal family, who are respected horsemen and breeders of Lhasa apso dogs.

After exploring the city, you can take an optional walk towards Choser in the afternoon.

  • AccommodationLocal-Tea-House
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude3,760 m

With the amazing views of the nearby villages of Marang and Charang, the biking begins 21 kilometers from the monastery and starts with an ascent to a 4,100-meter hill, which later on descends a gully to Tanmar, passing by alpine meadows.

From there, you will unwind through verdant meadows and climb ridges before descending to Ghami (98,440 m), which has a monastery closed to visitors due to frequent theft of artifacts. At noon, you will have arrived at Ghami at your camping location, making your way beyond the village.

  • AccommodationCamp
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude3,700 m

On this day, you will cycle across the previous passes and cross into Lo Manthang in the other way on a long, exhausting day that climbs the longest pass of Nyi La, 7 km at 4,010 m, which then quickly passes through a rapid downhill to Ghilling village, followed by a km clamber to Syagboche at 3,850m.

Now, you will ride down the hill to Chele hamlet from Syagboche and again ascent for 3km to reach Yamda Pass at an altitude of 3,850 m, with retraces of the fast shortcuts and breathtaking sights of Annapurna and Nilgiri peaks.

  • AccommodationLocal-Tea-House
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude3,700 m

The ride from Chele to Chhusang is primarily a level descent with the help of a metal bridge to cross the naturally occurring tunnel up until Kagbeni, which rolls and follows the banks of the Kali Gandaki River.

Although the biking is flat, the route to Marpha is exposed to severe headwinds, a very normal meteorological feature of the mountains, making it more comfortable to ride in heavier air.

  • AccommodationComfortable-Tea-House
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude3,490 m

The trails of today mostly fall downhill and start out smooth and flat through pine forests and some tiny villages.

You will follow the river, relishing a great view of the blinding white, snow-capped peaks.

  • AccommodationComfortable-Tea-House
  • MealsBreakfast-Lunch-Dinner
  • Max. Altitude2,670 m

After breakfast in the early morning, you will ride along the bank of the river on a jeep track to Beni Bazaar, where you’ll meet the road to Pokhara.

Our vehicles will be waiting for the crew and other members to take us back to Pokhara.

  • AccommodationComfortable Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast
  • Max. Altitude1,190 m

The drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu is an extraordinary experience through the picturesque scenery along the way that you can click on photographs on the bus break.

It takes nearly 6–7 hours for you to reach Kathmandu with lunch at the lunch stop. farewell dinner in the evening with a Nepali cultural dance in a restaurant.

Overnight stay in the hotel!

  • AccommodationStandard Hotel
  • MealsBreakfast-farewell Dinner
  • Max. Altitude1,400m

You will do a last-minute check of your essentials and bid farewell to the valley on this particular day. 3 hours prior to your flight, our representative transports you to the airport.

We are thankful for trekking with Adventure Himalayan Travels.

We look forward to seeing you again!

    This itinerary is not suited for you? Plan your own trip.

    Route Map
    Upper Mustang Mountain Biking Tour- 16 days Map
    What's Included
    • Airport pickup and departure private vehicle

    • 3 nights’ accommodation at 3 star hotel with breakfast in Kathmandu

    • 2 nights’ accommodation at 3 star hotel with breakfast in Pokhara
    • 9 nights 10 days trekking with lodge during the trek, lodges are simple and clean enough)
    • Kathmandu to Pokhara and back to Kathmandu  by Tourist bus and Beni to Pokhara by  jeep as per the itinerary
    • All the meal during the trek (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
    • Special permit for Mustang
    • Annapurna national park permit with TIMS card ( we need 3 photos for permit)
    • Qualified mountain bike guide, porters( porter carry maximum 20 k.g and one porter between two person)
    • Demostic Airfare ( Pokhara - Jomsom )
    • Equipment clothing for porter & staffs
    • Equipment (sleeping bag, first aid kit, oximeter etc.)
    • Insurance for all staff & porters.
    • Farewell Dinner in Kathmandu
    • Trekking achievement certificate
    • Adventure Himalayan Tshirt
    • Nepal visa - Multiple Entry 30 days - USD 50 (Details in Visa Page)
    • Mountain Bike. You can hire a full-suspension mountain bike for 50-65 USD per bike per day
    • International flight & all domestic departure tax
    • Insurance for clients (i.e. helicopter evacuation, etc.)
    • Lunch & dinner during hotel stay in Kathmandu and Pokhara
    • Alcoholic drinks, candies, etc.
    • Extra accommodation and meals outside of itinerary
    • Personal gears & clothing (available on hire)
    • Tips, any expenses incurred in emergency evacuation/road block due to any reason, table drinks, snacks while walking.
    Dates and Prices
    Date PriceAvailability 
    Start DateStarts: ThursdayJun 27, 2024End DateEnds: FridayJul 12, 2024PricePriceUS$2375StatusStatusAvailable
    Useful Info

    What are the permits for the Upper Mustang Mountain Biking Tour?

    Along with the Trekkers Information System Card (TIMS) and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP), as the Upper Mustang belongs to the restricted zone of Nepal, you will also need to obtain the special Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to begin mountain biking in this trans-Himalayan region of Nepal officially.

    While the validity of the TIMS card and ACAP are not restricted by time, the RAP, however, grants you a precise period you can spend venturing around, which is USD 500 for the first 10 days and an additional USD on any other extra days spent inside the highly protected realm.

    Three of the permits are regulated by the Nepalese government and are a must to legalize your visit to the country, which intends to provide you with aid in times of emergency. You can get them at the offices of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) in Kathmandu and Pokhara by one of the trustworthy trekking agencies or locally based tour and trek operators.

    Why must you pack lightly not stuffy?

    The key to successful and hassle-free mountain biking in the higher Himalayas like the Upper Mustang is no wonder packing only what is essential and keeping the backpack light so you have advantages in mobility, comfort, and efficiency, promoting simplicity, resourcefulness, and sustainability.

    Here is a comprehensive guide on what you must not miss including in your mountain biking gear as you head for an extraordinary journey to the Upper Mustang:

    • Moisture-soaking base layers
    • Insulating the mid-layers to keep yourself warm in the frizzy temperature of the upper Himalayan region.
    • Convertible, lightweight, and quickly drying pants and shorts
    • Long-sleeve shirts to protect yourself from harmful UV rays
    • Water and windproof jackets to keep yourself safe from wind and rain
    • Hat, beanie, suncream, buff, or scarf
    • A few pairs of air-passable socks and underwear
    • A good-quality mountain bike for remote terrain
    • Helmet, gloves, and padded cycling shorts
    • Jerseys, moisture-wicking shirts
    • Cycling shoes with grips on the pedal
    • Knee and elbow pads, sunglasses, etc.

    How to remain fit and healthy for the Upper Mustang Moutain Biking Tour?

    A balanced diet, remaining hydrated, mental preparation, and physical fitness, including ample rest and sleep, are all part of keeping yourself sufficient for the adventurous mountain bike ride to the Upper Mustang, which is an adventure that comes once in a lifetime.

    Nonetheless, Adventure Himalayan Travels and Treks presents you some of the tips that you can use to keep yourself sound and prepared for the most thrilling and achieving mountain biking expedition to the upper Mustang in the rain shadow area of the Nepalese Himalayas:

    • Regularly engage in cardiovascular exercise like cycling, swimming, running, or hiking, gradually increasing workout duration and intensity to improve endurance and stamina.
    • Strengthen your mountain bike performance by incorporating exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts that target your legs, core, and upper body.
    • Engage in yoga or Pilates sessions to enhance the body's flexibility, mobility, balance, and posture.
    • Consume foods rich in carbohydrates and energy, including lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables, to fuel your body.
    • Maintain your mountain bike properly for your upcoming journey and become familiar with basic bike repair and maintenance skills.
    • Upper Mustang is a high-altitude mountain biking destination, hence letting your body thoroughly adapt to low oxygen levels, etc.

    When is the best time to go for the Upper Mustang Biking Tour?

    As the Upper Mustang is one of the rain shadow areas of Nepal, barely observes rainfall even during the monsoon or summer season from mid-June to mid-August; hence, it is also considered the best time to go on a mountain biking excursion along with the spring and autumn (March to May and September to November).

    These seasons in the Trans Himalayan region of Nepal offer relatively less precipitation, stable weather conditions, comfortable mountain biking trails, and spectacular, clear visibility to the surrounding vista. If you are traveling to Upper Mustang in the winter season, which tends to be crispy cold and severely windy, you can tackle it easily by packing an extra layer of winter gear and equipment.

    Hence, the best season to venture into the Upper Mustang depends on your preference for what type of experience you are looking for, while the ride is joyous throughout the year, including the 14-day Annapurna Circuit Moutain Biking.

    What are the conditions of food, accommodation, drinking water, network connectivity, and electricity on the route to the Upper Mustang Biking Tour?

    The journey to the Upper Mustang is one of the classic Himalayan voyages, whether you are moving forth for incredible trekking, hiking, or biking tours, where you will spend the night at typical tea houses and local lodges opened and managed by natives to serve the visitors.

    Throughout the ride days on the mountain bike, you will pass by several tea houses on the route to the Upper Mustang, which also provides you with essential meals and bedding, including two beds in shared rooms, usually with mattresses, blankets, pillows, and sheets, along with boiled drinking water and wifi where you can charge your electronic devices as well at some additional cost.

    However, the services might be limited upon noticing a significant altitude gain in the upper Himalayas. Menus can be restricted to traditional Nepali and Tibetan dishes, while the wifi connectivity is uncertain and unreliable; hence, it is advisable to get an Ncell or NTC SIM card in Kathmandu or Pokhara to connect to your loved ones as soon as you receive a mobile network.

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