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With the versatile natural diversity that Nepal has to offer every personality wants to get a glimpse of natural beauty available here. But one question that every individual has in the subconscious is the source. The medium that connects them to travel to a naturally gifted place like Nepal. Talking about Travel Agencies accessible in Nepal, they all have evolved and developed by the experience and requirements on the basis of demands that tourist, foreigners, clients, and customers keep.  Started with nothing but a niche of service, Adventure Himalayan Travel is one of the reliable travel agency in Nepal that provides satisfying and pleasing services. So why choose Adventure Himalayan Travel?

#1. Association and Certification.

Adventure Himalayan Travels and Treks is one of Nepal's leading tour operators, specialized in a wide variety of tours, hikes, treks and mountaineering expeditions in Nepal, Tibet, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bhutan, and India. Based in the center of Nepal's capital, Kathmandu and established in 2011. Adventure Himalayan Travels and Treks is associated and certified by the Nepal government law, rules and policies.

#2. Getting to Know the Customer

We understand that one of the most significant and remarkable points in trading travel is to get to know the customer as much as we can. The simpler it will be to deliver a product that they will be comfortable by, the more we find out about the desires of the individuals in front of us (or on the other view of our website/email/phone). It will be certainly troublesome to find a product they’re definitely going to choose if we do not have an idea of the person.

#3. Travel Expertise

 We understand that our clients look for expertise when they decide to use a tour representative rather of scheduling a journey themselves.  We convert ourselves within an information sponge and help to cover up everything there is to understand about airlines, airports, destinations, dining, and accommodations.

#4 Excellent Interaction Abilities

We make sure to our tour customers of what exactly their trip is going to be, within a single calling session. We have an excellent influencing capacity. With the ease of answering all of the queries with patience we explain every single detail of the package.

With growing numbers of foreigners in Nepal, lots of travel agency are being established. Most of the foreigners get in trouble being an online fraud. We make sure that your travel will be a memorable box of your life as we dedicate ourselves on satisfying you with every means. With beautiful Himalayan Views of the Himalayas, lost and dense jungle of Terai, deadly flowing currents of the rivers and with the diversified cultures of Nepalese people you will be definitely having a time of your life with Adventure Himalayan Travels.

Adventure Himalayan Travels & Treks

Adventure Himalayan Travels & Treks