Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour for Nepali

  • Rana Bahadur Khadka
  • Last Updated on Oct 23, 2023

The Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour in the Langtang region has been blowing the minds of adventurous people, especially the Nepalese, as the best religious flight to the divine freshwater system surrounded by the majestic Langtang and Ganesh Himal ranges. Situated at an altitude of 4,380 m in the north of Kathmandu, the alpine glacial lake melts in the summer and other seasons except the winter to form the major river head, Trisuli. The helicopter ride from the valley to here is 15-20 minutes, which is one and a half hours in total.

The lake has it all to be called the heaven in the Himalayas and is renowned amongst travelers, trekkers, and devotees across the world. Every year, thousands of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims set foot in the vicinity of Gosaikunda in the belief that a bath here helps to purify human karma and helps in liberation. Besides, naturally, as well, it is the best place for medication and enjoying all the Himalayas have to offer without a second of apathy.

There are many routes to reach Gosaikunda Lake, which might be arduous due to the inevitable challenges that come with the trek in the Himalayan zone. So, the Heli tour is the best alternative to being at the religious site, which is also believed to be paradise even for the Hindu deity Shiva, and here’s why:

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The most popular holy place in Nepal

The majority of the Nepalese are practitioners of Hinduism, and Buddhism comes in second, while the major lake system in the Langtang region, Gosaikunda directly links to the Hindu epic of Samundra Mantha in the Ramayana, Mahabharat, Bhagwat Puran, and Bishnu Puran. According to these mythological scriptures, during the churning process of the eternal elixir from the ocean, there was a simultaneous extraction of Kalkut Vish (poison) as well, which had an extreme effect on each living being in the universe.

At that time, the almighty supreme Hindu god of destruction, Shiva, came to the rescue and inhaled the Kalkut Vish (poison) to save the world, which caused him unbearable pain, and he began to search for a way to soothe his burn in the throat that led to the formation of the Gosaikunda Lake after he thrust his trident. The water flowing from here provided him relief. So, till now, there is a legend that the holy dip into this lake can cure any sort of disease, specifically in the sacred month of Shravan (August) in Janai Purnima and Gangadashahara.

Similarly, the Gosaikunda Lake is quite easy to access from Kathmandu in comparison to other pilgrimages in the Himalayas that take approximately 7 days on foot and via helicopter; it is a matter of 2 hours collectively. On the other hand, the Gosaikunda encompassment provides a holistic serenity of the mountains, nature, remoteness, and local culture and festivals. No wonder the Gosaikunda Lake is the most popular holy sanctum in Nepal.

What to expect on the helicopter tour to Gosaikunda Lake?

One of the greatest and shortest ways to appreciate the true beauty of Gosaikunda Lake is the helicopter tour, which offers a unique pursuit and riveting aerial experience. The flight tour is an ideal option for those of advanced age and those limited by certain physical abilities and time. Regardless, whenever you are chartering a helicopter, look forward to:

A scenic flight on the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

The helicopter tour from Kathmandu to Gosaikunda provides many delightful aerial views of stunning hills, ridges, and valleys playing hide and seek with the surrounding mountains like Langtang, Ganesh, Dorje Lakpa, and other peaks of the Langtang National Park.

The canon between two giant verdant hills, lush forest, rocky terrains, and artistically terraced farms adds more to the scenery seen from the Heli, dotted with tranquil wood, dense green valleys, and several turquoise lakes as you move closer to the destination of the day, Gosaikunda Lake.

Panoramic Himalayan Views on the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

From the beginning of the flight, you will get to witness the sweeping views of towering ranges such as Langtang Lirung, Ganesh Himal, Dorje Lakpa, and other peaks above the floating clouds in the sky.

Throughout the flight to the Gosaikunda from the left of the window, you will be awe-inspired by unobstructed vistas and the visibility of snow-clad summits extending afar your eyesight.

A safe and comfortable tour of Gosaikunda Lake 

The helicopter tour is an excellent way to explore the magical Gosaikunda Lake, which is also more convenient in a well-maintained helicopter with an experienced pilot.

Despite the rapidly changing Himalayan weather playing a vital role in the flight time and determining the level of comfort, the flights are smooth and rarely face any delays or adjustments in the schedule.

Adjoining lakes to the Gosaikunda Lake

The oligotrophic Gosaikunda Lake, possessing uncountable health benefits for humans, is called the purest water for a reason. There are around 108 high-altitude lakes associated with this main lake, which encompasses an area of 1,030 ha and is a Ramsar site. Some of these sacred lakes are visitable in less than 1 km from the Gosaikunda, including Bhairav Kunda and Surya Kunda.

A short walk here can provide a more comprehensive experience of stunning Himalayan beauty with immeasurable cultural and religious significance.

Altitude Sickness on the Helicopter Tour to Gosaikunda Lake

In Gosaikunda Lake, it is crucial to keep in mind that you are above 4,000 m at a relatively low oxygen level that could initiate the spotting of altitude sickness symptoms covering 67 km in less than half an hour.

The weather also varies in the blink of an eye, so it is always better to take precautions and preventive measures into consideration if you are looking forward to spending more than 30 minutes venturing around the lake.

Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour: Why the best price for Nepali?

Nepal has put a substantial effort into promoting local tourism. The Gosaikunda Lake in the same phase is not only a natural formation of the country but also a cultural and religious monument that resides in the core of every Nepalese. Each Nepali at least once must have planned out a trip to Gosaikunda, some to take a rejuvenating bath in the lake and some to discover the mystery of the lake in the mist.

On the other hand, tourism is also a major economic industry that has been heavily impacted by events like the earthquake and the recent COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. So to uplift the condition of tourism, boost domestic tourism, and help the local economy, various tour operators and organizers have come together, offering discounted flight rates to increase the affordability of helicopter tours targeted at fulfilling that one special dream of being in Gosaikunda Lake.

Therefore, when the country itself provides you with an ultimate chance to be in one of the holiest lakes on the planet, you mustn’t miss this opportunity.

Why go by helicopter to Gosaikunda Lake?

There are several pros of a helicopter tour to Gosaikunda Lake under the conservation of Langtang National Park. On this tour, you will be blessed with the closest interaction with the Langtang Himal ranges while you savor all the insane landscapes from the flight in a short period.

Generally, adventurers trek the Gosaikunda, which might be physically demanding and not appropriate for kids and people of any age. Hence, the helicopter tour is the best fit for a family luxury tour, including disabled members, reducing the travel time drastically, which could have seen some unforeseen trekking challenges. Here is a brief overview of other benefits you ought to notice:

Dozen of Heli Company organize Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

Many travel and tour companies in Kathmandu can arrange the most amazing Gosaikunda helicopter tour making it the most accessible means of travel. You can choose any reliable Heli tour organizer for this surreal adventure to the land of Shiva.

If you prefer, we (Adventure Himalayan Travels and Treks) can organize one for you. As one of the most reputed travel and trekking organizers in the field with more than two decades of expertise, you will be in safe hands. 

Discounted Gosaikunda helicopter tour cost for groups

Who would want to let go of the golden opportunity to be amidst the Himalayas of the third most popular Langtang and its major highlight, Gosaikunda, at the most affordable helicopter tour price?

Although the cost of the tour may vary largely based on the company you are booking with, the length of the tour, and the number of people, shorter tours cost less than longer ones, while the helicopter can be shared among five passengers in one group.

The group flight is relatively less expensive than the individual flight and more enjoyable. As per the recent pricing, the five-person grouped helicopter tour costs around USD 250 per person.

In contrast, the solo chartering of the helicopter to Gosaikunda Lake is costlier. While private chartering in a group comes at the most affordable and reasonable price.

Amazing Cost for Early Bird Booking of a Helicopter Tour to Gosaikunda in Langtang 

The well-advanced booking of the helicopter tour to Gosaikunda in Langtang comes with special and discounted offers that might differ depending on the time of the year and the current affairs related to the cost.

They are limited and have specific terms and conditions. Usually, booking a month before the departure date is a better choice for joining the pre-dedicated group for a more sorted-out and 99 percent successful helicopter tour to the Gosaikunda Lake.

Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Itinerary 

Normally, the Langtang Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour begins early in the morning as the weather gets quite unpredictable in the afternoon and is a sleek flight due to less air traffic in the morning. Basically:

  • At 6 a.m., you will be picked up by the representatives and transferred to the airport.
  • At around 7 a.m., you will board the helicopter to the Gosaikunda Lake towards the Langtang region.
  • By 8 a.m., you will have reached the lake area and started the exploration.
  • By 8:30, you will take a return flight to Kathmandu, as spending more than half an hour in the high alpine land can cause acute mountain sickness (AMS).

To sum it up, the helicopter tour is the best option to be in the holy ambiance of the Gosaikunda Lake if you are limited by time or physical abilities and are desirous of a luxurious experience, avoiding the strenuous physical challenges where a budget plays a significant part. On the other hand, if you are a healthy-fit trekking aspirant looking for an extraordinary adventure in the Himalayas without being constrained by time, then trekking to Gosaikunda Lake is a better budget-friendly choice.

Either way, the journey to Gosaikunda Lake is an adventurous chance to create memories and relinquish yourself in the magnificent Himalayas and its lakes, which are also regarded as the abode of the Hindu deity Shiva, for a surreal spiritual cleansing. Make this festive season more interesting and memorable with a helicopter tour to the Langtang Gosaikunda Lake, happening right now!


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