Best Manaslu Trek Route for 2024 and 2025

  • Rana Bahadur Khadka
  • Last Updated on Nov 24, 2023

The Manaslu region is a newly discovered trekking trail in Nepal that offers various routes in the almighty presence of the world’s eighth-tallest mountain, Mt. Manaslu, at an elevation of 8,163m above sea level.

Among the several routes to trek Manaslu, in this blog, you will be briefed on five of the major and popular routes to embark on in 2024/2025 that have been the talk of the town for a while now.

All these routes lead you to the Mt.Manaslu encompassment, often regarded as the killer mountain of Nepal or the mountain spirit, as derived from the Sanskrit word Manasa, which translates to intellect or soul in English.

There are primarily two starting points for the Manaslu Trek: Arughat and Beshishar. Both begin with a 7-9 hour drive from Kathmandu and follow the respective route you have chosen from the main five routes for your trek, which are:

Table of Contents

1. Nar Phu Valley Trek - 12 Days

The combined trek to Nar and Phu Valley in the Manaslu region takes you from the humid lower rice and millet-farmed fields of Nepal to the massive alpine rock formations, scenic gorges of the Budhi Gandaki, and glaciers directly flowing from the giants of the Manaslu region, including Mt. Manaslu (8,163m).

The Valley is one of the recently opened trekking trails in the Himalayas and hence a virtually unspoiled, less-traveled route to explore the Manaslu region. This part of the route to trek the Manaslu consists of numerous peaks above 7,000 meters, high passes, narrow canyons, dense forests of bamboo and rhododendrons, pasturelands of yaks, and many more to discover in 2024/2025.

On the other hand, the whole region is a unique cultural landmark that contains several important Buddhist monasteries, gompas, remote traditional settlements, and Mani walls, which connect the hearts of the locals and maintain harmony in the diverse communities.

Therefore, it is extremely crucial to be sensitive regarding the natives, their culture, and the historical and religious milestones that they have been protecting and continuing for centuries. As a responsible traveler, you can contribute to their effort by doing nothing but offering respect.

A generous way of showcasing your respect would be to make sure to have granted the locals permission before approaching any monuments from the Nar and Phu Valley, as they might look simple but still be prohibited from clicking on their photographs or videos.

Nevertheless, the Nar Phu Valley Trek is one of the best routes to embark on the Manaslu trekking region in 2024/2025 abundant in natural and cultural legacies of the Himalayas in 12 days, which officially commences from Besisahar following the popular classic Annapurna Circuit Trekking Trail, which instantly diverges into off-the-beaten Nar and Phu Valley.

The trek initiating from Besishar moves forth via Meta, Phu, Nar Phedi, Nar Village, and crosses the Kang La Pass, which later on descends to Ngawal, Pisang, Dharapani, or Besisahar, and finally catches the local bus or jeep back to Kathmandu.

Nar Phu Valley route to trek the Manaslu region
Trekkers en route to trek the Nar-Phu Valley

Trip Highlights

  • Duration: 12 Days
  • Trip Grade: Moderately Challenging
  • Activities: UNESCO World Heritage sightseeing in Kathmandu, cross the intriguing Kang La Pass, devour the local Himalayan foods rich in protein and carbs, watch blindly giggling mountains, delve into the remote trails of Nepal, stay in old school villages of Nar and Phu
  • Places to see: Tashi Lhakhnag Monastery, Lhogaon Monastery, Gompa at Phu, Kang La Pass, Nar Phu Valley and its swanky culture
  • Max. Altitude: 5,240m
  • Permits: Manaslu Restricted Area Permit (MRAP) and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)
  • Accommodation: Tea Houses and Lodges
  • Foods: Typical Nepali and Tibetan dishes, at lower lands international menus as well
  • Transport: Local bus, jeep

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2. Manaslu and Annapurna Circuit Trek - 23 Days

Another fantastic route to trek the Manaslu region that amalgamates incredibly with Annapurna is the Manaslu and Annapurna Circuit, a 23-day trek in 2024/2025. It is a three-week expedition in two of the most outstanding trekking destinations in Nepal: the Manaslu and Annapurna regions.

The overall journey is a noteworthy adventure of your lifetime while you cross two of the most challenging yet rewarding alpine passes: Larkya La (5,160m) and Thorong La Pass (5,416 m), from where towering peaks such as Manaslu (8,163m), Himalchuli (7,893m), Annapurna I (8,091 m), and Khatung Kang (6,484m) seem just a few steps away.

The river valleys from these passes are indescribably stunning, inhabited predominantly by the indigenous people of Gurung, Magar, and other ethnic locals such as Thakali, Manangi, and other Tibetan communities like Tsumba and Nubri with their distinctive moral values, culture, customs, religion, and attires.

Although a large part of the locals have a special bond with Tibetan Buddhism and its ancient art style intricate in wood and metals of the holy monasteries hiding behind the pleasing aroma of burning incense, Hinduism and its massive impact cannot be left unnoticed by each trekker.

The religious fusion of two major religions followed in Nepal warms individuals, spreading nothing but love and peace in a perfect blend with the Himalayas and its diverse landscapes, terrains, flora and fauna, and more than thirty snow-capped mountains of Nepal.

Nonetheless, the Manaslu and Annapurna Circuit 2024/2025 Trek is a visual, cultural, and natural feast from the starting point of Soti Khola to the ending point of Pokhara, where you can immerse yourself in various adventurous activities such as rafting, paragliding, kayaking, etc. with Adventure Himalayan Travels and Treks.

Therefore, the Manaslu and Annapurna Circuit Trek route in 2024/2025 is the best trekking option for those seeking a balanced and healthy travel experience in the culturally less trodden Manaslu region and the widely popular Annapurna region to unfold the mystery of the Himalayas, its beauty, and its people.

Manaslu and Annapurna routes to trek the Manaslu region
Trekkers Crossing the Thorong La Pass in Manaslu and Annapurna Circuit Trek Route

Trip Highlights:

  • Duration: 23 days
  • Trip Grade: Moderate
  • Activities: Pay a visit to several UNESCO landmarks in the Kathmandu Valley; behold the heavenly beauty of Manaslu and Annapurna ranges from Larkya La to Throng La Pass. Venture into the sublime ambiance of Muktinath (Vishnu) temple, roam around the villages and valleys showing great Tibetan influence, and devour the juicy apples of Manang and Jomsom, along with stunning scenery.
  • Places to see: UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu, traditional villages en route showcasing resemblance to Tibet, holy Muktinath temple, Manang, Mustang, Larkya La Pass, Throng La Pass
  • Max. Altitude: Throng La Pass, 5,416m
  • Permits: Manaslu Special Restricted Permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit
  • Accommodation: local guests and tes houses
  • Foods: Regular Nepalese, Himalayan, and Tibetan meals; at the lower elevation, you can expect to savor some worldwide buffets as well.
  • Transport: local buses and jeeps

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3. Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trek: 21 Days

The cultural crown jewel of Nepal, Tsum Valley alone stands out as the most bucket-listed authentic Himalayan Valley in the holy sanctuary of beautifully dotted ancient Buddhist monasteries, gompas, nunneries, and water-powered prayer wheels adorned by vibrant prayer flags.

The culturally and historically substantial Tsum Valley Trek combined with Manaslu Circuit is around the majestic Manaslu massif in 21 days, which offers scenically spectacular natural beauty, a wide range of landscapes, jaw-dropping patchwork of meadows, terraced fields, roaring rivers, and adventurous suspension bridges over them.

During this route of Tsum Valley Manaslu to trek best in 2024/2025, you will get to have a deeper insight into the exclusive customary life of Tsumbas and Numbri totally different from the rest of the world while you let your inner self free in the serenity of the Himalayas and its dwellings in Tsum, Samagaon, and Samdo.

This precise Tsum Valley Manaslu Trek begins from Soti Khola and moves forward, passing by Maccha Khola, Jagat, Lok Pa, Chumling, Chukkum Paro, Nile, or Chule, stopping over by Mu Gompa to witness the real allure of Vajrayana Buddhism, and returning to Chumling to further explore the Manaslu region through Nyak Phedi, Bi Phedi, Namrung, and Sama Gaou.

Sama Gaou initiates the true adventure of the Manaslu Himalaya that heads to the base camp of the eighth tallest mount in the earth, Mt. Manaslu (8,163 m), where its tranquility grasps the heart and soul of each nature lover firmly.

Then, the Tsum Valley Manaslu Trek route pursues the path to Kathmandu by Samdo, Larke Pass, Bhimthang, Tilije, Dharapani, and lastly, Besishar, and rides the bus or private jeep to Kathmandu.

Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit route to trek the Manaslu region
The classic view seen on the Tsum Valley Manaslu Trek route

Trip Highlights:

  • Duration: 21 days.
  • Trip Grade: Moderate
  • Activities: Venture to Kathmandu, one of the world's UNESCO Heritage Sites; enter the natural paradise of the Manaslu region; be part of the prosperous culture of Tsumbas while you interact with them; Get blessed in the Buddhist monasteries of Mu Gompa; trek the hidden gem of the Manaslu region.
  • Places to see: UNESCO World’s Heritage Sites in Kathmandu; Larkya La Pass with the striking views of surrounding peaks; the Manaslu Base Camp for a more intimate view of the eighth highest peak in the world; Mu Gompa, etc.
  • Max. Altitude: 5,106m at Larkya La Pass
  • Permits: Restricted Area Permit along with the standard Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)
  • Accommodation: Local tea houses and lodges
  • Foods: local Himalayan dishes and some international cuisines
  • Transport: bus and jeep

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4. Tsum Valley Trek - 17 Days

The once-must-visit cultural paradise of the Manaslu region for better cultural engrossment, Tsum Valley translates to the valley of happiness from the Tibetan name Beyul Kyimolung, where ‘Tsum’ is a borrowed word from the Tibetan language ‘Tsombo’ translating to ‘vivid’ or ‘clear’ referring to the locals of the valley.

They are often smiling, warm personas who love welcoming guests, keeping Tibet alive, and rocking in the Himalayan Deserts of Nepal with their dedication to preserving their social norms and values, culture and transitions, dialects and costumes, etc. without letting the rapid modernization taint them.

The particular route to enter the Manaslu region by Tsum Valley in 2024/2025 is no wonder yet another best alternative that simultaneously lets you fully enjoy the natural as well as cultural aspects of Manaslu while the awe-inspiring mountain ranges play hide and seek with you throughout the trek.

Some primary mountains that you will see on the Tsum Valley Trek route in the Manaslu region are Mt.Manaslu, Ganesh Himal Ranges, Himchuli, and several snowclads atop the sacred Gompas of Lungdang, Rachen, and Mu.

The Tsum Valley 17-day trek traditionally starts from the usual stopover of the Manaslu region, Soti Khola, which later on goes by Maccha Khola, Doban, Philim, and vantage point Chumling with otherworldly vistas of surroundings in the mesmerizing gaze of the southern face of Shringi Himal.

Then, the route takes a hike to Chhokangparo that widens the Ganesh Himal, Boudha, and Himal Chuli views while gradually descending to Nile, Chhule, Mu Gompa, Rachen Gompa, Dumje, Philim, Tatapani, and ends at Soti Khola, from where you will be driven back to the valley of Kathmandu.

This whole trekking takes place in the restricted route of the Manaslu region to promote, protect, and preserve sustainable tourism in the land that shares a border with Tibet and still retains the original typical life of the Nepalese Himalayas.

Tsum Valley Trekking Route to Trek the Manaslu Region
Tsum Valley Trekking route

Trip Highlights:

  • Duration: 17 days
  • Trip Grade: Moderately strenuous
  • Activities: See some of the world’s cultural and historical monuments in Kathmandu, overpass the electrifying suspension bridges over the roaring river of Budhi Gandaki and several others, soak yourself completely in the disciplined lives of local and Buddhist monks in Rachen Gompa and Mu Gompa, capture the panoramic mountain vistas, look over the dazzling gorges of the Budhi Gandaki River, take a relaxing bath in Tatopani, etc.
  • Places to see: UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Pashupati Nath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, and others; Mu and Rachen Gompa; flat-roofed stone houses of locals; variety; flora and fauna; etc.
  • Max. Altitude: 3,700m at Mu Gompa
  • Permits: Tsum and Manaslu region restricted permits
  • Accommodation: tea houses and local lodges
  • Foods: common Nepali and Tibetan dishes; a stopover in the lower lands lets you savor some globally popular menus as well.
  • Transport: buses and jeeps

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5. Manaslu Circuit Trek - 15 Days

The most classic route to trek the Manaslu region in 2024/2025 is Manaslu Circuit, a 15-day trek that features every highlight you have put on expectations from the trek in the higher lands of Nepal.

From epic scenery to intimate cultural encounters with the locals, lush summer herds to arduous rugged terrain, relaxing hikes in the lower elevation to gasping of air in the high Himalayan passes, the Manaslu Circuit Trek guarantees you the opportunity that comes once in a while in life.

Less crowded and the best alternative route to some of the more famous Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang regions, Manaslu Circut offers an impressive Himalayan experience that involves crossing the adrenaline-rushing Larkya La Pass at an elevation of 5,106m.

Similar to other trekking routes to trek the Manaslu region in 2024/2025, the Manaslu Circuit Trek also circumnavigates the almighty Manaslu peak under the protection of the Manaslu Restricted Area, which has observed rapid popularity in recent years only.

Hence, in comparison to some other popular trekking trails in Nepal, the Manaslu Circuit route to appreciate the elegance of the Manaslu region is relatively the untouched and untarnished route to experience the hidden gem of the Nepalese Himalayas.

To sum it up, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best route to embark on in the Manaslu region that incorporates all the possible beauty and adventure of the Himalayas, not less than any other massively renowned trekking region boasting a closer encompassment to the killer mountain of the world, Mt. Manaslu (8,163m) or Chame.

Along with Chame in the Manaslu Circuit Trekking in 2024/2025, you will get to spot the natural marvels of the chain of Buddha Himal (6,692m), Himal Chuli (7,893 m), Shringi Himal (7,165m), Cheo Himal, and Nagadi Chuli from the very beginning of the Manaslu Circuit, the best Route in the Manaslu region.

Manaslu Circuit route to trek the Manaslu region
Manaslu Circuit enroute mountain view

Trip Highlights:

  • Duration: 15 days.
  • Trip Grade: moderate to strenuous
  • Activities: Watch the crowd flow in the UNESCO World’s Heritage Sites in Kathmandu; be at the longest high mountain pass in Nepal, Larkya La (5,106m); be at the ultimate presence of the Manaslu and Annapurna ranges; engage in cultural exploration as natives of the Manaslu Himalayas; and traverse the unfrequented yet otherworldly trekking path of the Manaslu Circuit.
  • Places to see: UNESCO World’s Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley, Larkya La Pass, a lovely setting of authentic villages en route to the Manaslu Circuit, etc.
  • Max. Altitude: 5,106m at Larkya La Pass
  • Permits: general and restricted Manaslu Permits
  • Accommodation: Guest and TE houses along the circuit route
  • Foods: Normal Nepali Dal-Bhat-Tarkari and Tibetan cuisines, followed by some international buffets
  • Transport: local bus or private jeep

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Regardless of the route you prefer to trek in the Manaslu region of Nepal, it ensures a wholesome experience in the tea houses and local lodges of the Himalayas that cater from local to some international cuisine on the menus. Generally, vegetarian meals are freshly cooked and organic, straight from the farms and fields.

Restricted yet trekable after following certain procedures for obtaining the special permits, the Manaslu region is an ideal trekking destination for those who prefer a more isolated and secluded trail to fully take in the nature and culture offered by the Himalayan and hilly surroundings of Nepal at reasonable pricing.

Moreover, if you want the best route among the routes mentioned above to trek the Manaslu region in 2024/2025, it would definitely be the 15-day Manaslu Circuit trekking trail, which as usual begins from the Soti Khola.

This explicit route acquires all the key components of the Manaslu region for an extraordinary trekking acquaintance that does not let you miss even a single best part of the trek, be it the cultural and religious heritages or the natural wealth of the region.

Note: The Manaslu Trekking Region is one of the restricted areas of Nepal that requires a special restricted permit to be granted access to the region, and individual trekkers are banned from April 1, 2023. The trekkers have to have at least the aid of authorized guides or porters licensed by the government of Nepal.

Choosing the right guide for you can literally cause a hectic experience for you in the day-to-day expanding business of tourism in Nepal. It can get very difficult to make a choice about whom to hire, where the Adventure Himalayan Travels and Treks can ease the confusion.

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